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Different Educational Options 

C - O

Co-Opt Method

A group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. Parents may lead activities and classes or parents may pay all or some of the teachers and activity leaders. Larger or formal co-ops may have a board of directors and a designated leader who takes care of day-to-day operations while less formal co-ops are led by one or two main leaders with most decision made by consensus.

What is a Homeschool Co-Op?

Homeschool Buyers Facebook Co-Op

Firmly Planted


See Online Schooling 

Distance Learning 

This method of learning takes place across distance (online) and not in a traditional classroom. Various companies and schools often provide teaching assistance as well as different learning materials. This learning varies widely in the choice of homeschool method. (MORE INFORMATION TO COME)


See Online Schools

Eclectic Homeschooling 

Homeschoolers pick and choose among various methods. In this method, each child is unique. Parents meet their child where they are at. An example would be when a child asks why storm clouds produce rain? This is the time when a parent may use an internet video and do a web search on clouds and rain. The parent usually combines other homeschooling methods as they go. Every day is different depending on how the child feels



Time4Learning answers the questions:  What is Eclectic Homeschooling?  How does Time4Learning work with the Eclectic Homeschooling Method?  This link shares the difference of Eclectic vs. Relaxed Homeschooling; gives an Eclectic curriculum; and explains how to do Eclectic Homeschool Online.

Grandparents Homeschooling

You may believe that homeschooling is odd or that your grandchildren may not receive a proper education at home. We recommend that you review all the resources provided on this site before turning yourself off to homeschooling.

If you sent your children to public school and feel that they turned out just fine, we are here to tell you that your grandchildren will not be as lucky. Times have changed and schools have accelerated their damaging effects on children. Deciding to homeschool your grandchildren is the greatest gift that you can give to them. You will be saving them from a very corrupted system. 

Homeschooling doesn't have to be difficult. There are many curriculums that make it extremely easy and there are even online schooling with teachers who give instruction -- all you would need to do is be the available adult while mom and dad are in school. 


1. Safety: Public schools mantra of "safe zones" is only an invitation for "undesirables" to bring guns and other weapons to campuses that may no longer be supported by school police if teachers' unions have their way. Schools are havens for bullying and fights as suspensions and expulsions become rare. Disruptive children can mouth off at principals without consequences. Where does that leave teach discipline? Teachers are told they must give all students "open space" to share their feelings. Teachers seeking to enforce classroom discipline are investigated by administrators.

2. Sexualization: The nation's new sex education curriculum pushed by Planned Parenthood exposes young children to what use to be called pornography. Now it is considered a curriculum. Send your grandchildren to public schools if you believe in child sex and the morality of the culture. Send your grandchildren to public schools if you want other adults to train them up in the pleasures of sex at the youngest of ages.

3. Indoctrination: Send your grandchildren to public schools if you wish to give them over to the State and radical teachers who wish to turn them against you, their own parents, and God. Send your grandchildren to public schools If you do not believe in family values (morality or God). Send your grandchildren to public schools if you believe that other adults are best equipped to nurture, care, and love them-something you do not desire to do!

If you feel that homeschooling your grandchildren isn't something that you can do at this time there are other ways that you can help out...

What can you do for your grandchildren?

  1.  Enroll them in private schools.
  2.  Help fund the education of your grandchildren.
  3.  Talk to your children about homeschooling.
  4.  Volunteer in the homeschooling of your grandchildren.
  5.  Watch your grandchildren a couple days a week.

For helpful resources:

Hire a Teacher

There are many teachers looking for work and many would be happy to homeschool your children. 


You can hire them to homeschool your child 1 - 5 days a week in the comfort of your home or if self-employed, in your own place of work right where you can see all of them and enjoy them. Hired teachers can take your children on field trips and work around your schedule.

One of the founders of Public School Exit did her own research and hired an out-of-work teacher to homeschool her kids. She did not pay anywhere close to the rates listed on the sites below. Please consider being creative, running your own ad in a local paper and interviewing for this position should you decide that you want your own teacher.  In addition, a room was made available at her place of work so that she had complete and full access to her children at all times.  Another option is to hire an existing homeschool parent or partner with them in some manner.  Be creative and think of ways you can spend time with your children and get a quality education.

The 10 best sites for hiring teachers.

Hybrid School Options​

Children split their time between homeschool and a more traditional schooling environment. This could be three days at home and two days at school or two days at home and three days at school.

This Forbes article published on May 21, 2018 highlights different hybrid homeschool (combination of homeschooling with private schooling: both Catholic and Christian) models and is written by Mike McShane, Director of Research at EdChoice.

Independent Learning Academy

Learning Centers

This method uses activity areas where children explore ideas, discover consequences, and manipulate materials.


Learning Centers (involve choices for children) which makes them different than Learning Stations (designed/assigned by a teacher). Play, manipulation and sensory learning (art, music, games and puzzles) are often the focus of Learning Centers.

This homeschool mom writes how she has organized her home by using learning centers.

Adena Foster, a homeschool mom of 20+ years shares how to do learning centers for younger children as she assists her older children.

Integrated Schools Arlington Model

Integrated Schools Arlington Mode is homeschooling 3 days a week with two days a week schooling at a local church or agreed upon location. This can also be considered a Hybrid Option.


Montessori is individually driven and focuses on independent learning revolving around self-directed activity, hands-on-learning and collaborative play.The adult is viewed as the facilitator who sets up the learning environment and then stays out of the way so the children’s owning impulse to learn is supported.Time for individual pursuits is important and activity stations are common.  A non-traditional grading system is used. Maria Montessori, an Italian educator who lived from 1870-1952), developed this approach which focuses on moral behavioral, emotional and intellectual development

Articles: Time4Learning link answers the question:  What is the Montessori approach?  The link shares how to use Montessori at home; a Montessori homeschool curriculum; and how Time4Learning works with the Montessori way of teaching.

One Room Schoolhouse

For centuries in America, children received formal education in one-room schoolhouses from teachers who managed all different ages simultaneously. Not only did it work--it worked very well. Today, there is a renaissance taking place in this space, with Alethia Christian College in Idaho helping to train leaders to create one-room schools using the highly acclaimed, Christ-centered "Principle Approach." Public School Exit whole-heartedly supports these efforts.

Click Here for more information 

Online Education

Online education is education that takes place over the Internet. It is often referred to as E-Learning / Distance Learning / Cyber Schooling, etc. 


The features of online learning are: 1) Flexibility 2) Reduced Costs 3) Networking Opportunities with peers 4) Provides Documentation 5) Increased Instructor-Student Time and 5) Access to Expertise.


Accelerated Christian Ministries
Alpha Omega Academy


Bob Jones University

Bob Jones - High School
E3 Academy

Enlightium Academy

Freedom Project Academy

iLumenEd Academy
Kirk Cameron Christian Homeschool
Learning by Grace
Liberty University On-line Academy (k-12)
The Ron Paul Curriculum
Western Christian Academy

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