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A Brief History

In 1692 the New York militia created a Committee to overthrow their tyrannical governor, Sir Edmond Andros, who was enacting unfair laws. The Committee restored order and imprisoned Andros for one year. 

The Founding Fathers established Committees of Correspondence also known as the Committees of Safety, under the direction of Samuel Adams. As government overreach grew worse, these Committees adopted the need to provide for Safety and Protection. Some Committees were allowed to act in the stead of the colonial assemblies during their recess. There was no illegitimate or unlawful aspect to any of the Committees. They were open to all who would, after the beginning of hostilities, subscribe to the Association. Even after the Declaration, the British never held the Committees for any acts against the Crown. Prudently, however, the more active members made a point of being scarce if the British were in town.


Officers of the Committees generally held their office for either six months or one year. They then, voluntarily, stepped down to allow others to carry out the responsibilities of office. No man was above another, nor could any become a ruler. Consensus seemed to be the rule within the Committees. 

Committees of Safety, historically speaking, empowered the people at the grass roots to return control of their local government to the People. 

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