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Educational Options

Happy Kids with Books

We have listed as many different types of alternative educational methods for parents who have decided or are deciding to remove their children from the compulsory educational system -- public school or a private institution that they were not happy with. 


We are trying to give parents a one-stop shop for options. We have analyzed these methods to fit our criteria. Our criteria are simple. If they receive any kind of government funding or are involved with government schooling, in any manner, we do not recommend them. Our goal is to extricate children governmental agendas.


Statistics show that homeschool families are happier, healthier and smarter than kids left to public schools. Check out these statistics: Click Here


We congratulate you in taking responsibility for your child / children's education. Taking them away from the state and into your own hands is the best decision that you will ever make when it comes to your children's upbringing. Despite what you have been led to believe, parents are in charge in deciding what their children learn and believe. Parents have always had the ultimate responsibility for educating their own children even though the public-school system has deluded society into believing otherwise. You are doing the right thing by seizing back your God-given responsibility.

The larger purpose served is the survival of our Constitutional Republic, especially for the next generation. Making sure our children are not drones of the government - marching to the beat of some politically correct system of global mass think-ship -- will assure that our posterity and liberties are restored. 

Please keep in mind that not all the methods below produce the same results. You must do your own research to find the perfect fit for your family and fit for the specific needs for your children.

Recommended by Liberty & Justice 

Not Recommended

  • Charter Schools

  • Enneagram 

  • Enki Education Method (Waldorf and United Nations)

  • Hybrid: Model With Public School

  • Independent Study Programs Through Public Schools

*See below for explanation

  • Online Education: Government Public Schools

  • Pods: Also called nano schools or micro schools

  • Waldorf Method

Charter Schools

Not recommended by L&J

Although independently run with their own governing boards often established, operated, and maintained by for-profit organizations, they are still government funded schools -- albeit with fewer rules, regulations and statutes then traditional state schools. 


They are open to all students and do not charge tuition. They receive less public funding than public schools, typically a fixed amount per pupil.  Approximately 7,000 public charter schools operate in 43 states and the District of Columbia with approximately 3.1 million students, a six-fold increase in enrollment over the past 15 years. However, many charter schools closed due to low enrollment, lack of finances, or low performance. 


The charter school idea in the U.S. was originated by Ray Budde, in 1974. Albert Shanker, President of the American Federation of Teachers, embraced the concept in 1988 when he called for the reform of public schools by establishing “charter schools” or “schools of choice.” The first charter school law was in Minnesota in 1991 followed by California in 1992.



Not recommended by L&J.

L&J does not promote schooling that are agenda driven and are used to promote dangerous ideologies that will feed the NWO agenda and that's why we do NOT recommend Enneagram. 


It is a  dangerous journey of self-discovery. It uses the study of personality types (nine different numbers which translate into nine personality types grouped in three Centers), levels of development, and the three instincts combines mystical non-Christian spiritual notions taken from Islam, Taoism, Buddhism and ancient Greek philosophy and even New Age, the occult and worldly humanism.


Biblical and Christian doctrinal issues such as sin, salvation, and sanctification are missing from what is supposed to be a spiritual journey.


Enneagram desires to be inclusive as possible and mixes non—Christian religious ideas with purported Christian beliefs (syncretism). It has been promoted to Roman Catholics engaged in the contemplative movement; received backing from mainline Protestant churches such as the United Methodist Church; and gained a foothold within the evangelical (Zondervan Publishing, part of HarperCollins Christian Publishing) and homeschool movement.


Enneagram critics have called it false doctrine.

Enki Education Method (Waldorf and United Nations)

Not recommended by L&J.

Enki gets its name from the Sumerian god of water, Enki is also known as Ea in Babylonian and Akkadian mythology.


Enki Education is cooperative project learning which was peer or family directed. However, now it depends more on teachers because the family and community are “disintegrating at an alarming rate.”


The adult (usually two adults) are seen as the “respected elder” which the child is dependent upon--this impacts content and the role of story in the content.  A focus is given to non-hierarchical multiculturalism as developed by the United Nations International school and by Camp Robinson Crusoe under the guidance of Josh Lieberman, father of progressive camping.


The Enki approach is also known as Developmental-Immersion Mastery and was developed by Beth Sutton in 1989 with Enki Education starting in 1993 and originated at the Shambhala School in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada).

Hybrid: Model With Public School

Not recommended by L&J.

We do not recommend any method of education that is combined with public or government schools.


Independent Study Programs Through Public Schools

Not recommended by L&J.

We do not recommend any government school programs , even if they are not held in a public school campus.   Students still partake in the same curriculum as public school students and government is still involved in your family.

Online Education: Government Public Schools

Not recommended by L&J.

This is the education that the majority of the 55 million public school students In America are experiencing during COVID-19.   While there are some effective and caring public school teachers, they still must follow public school curriculums and they are not a replacement for YOUR parenting, teaching, and guidance. 


We recommend that all parents take responsibility for their children’s education and get their precious children away from the governmental propagandized "education."




Not recommended by L&J.


Pods are groups of 3 to 10 students learning together in homes under the tutelage of the children’s parents or a hired teacher. Pods most often replicate a public-school environment in a home setting. They gained popularity during the pandemic as school districts closed down for in-person student instruction.

Pods are not recommended by L&J, as they can be costly and complicated to organize correctly. Additionally, they should be avoided if they take any sort of government funding.


Those considering this form of education should carefully vet any hired teachers, and stay closely aligned with all that is being taught. All laws should be carefully examined, such as licensing and insurances requirements. Pods should be carefully examined for ideology that might conflict with that of parents.

Rather than pods, we recommend the One-Room School Method using the highly acclaimed, Christ-centered "Principle Approach®."



Waldorf Method

Not recommended by L&J

This is large group/teacher directed and includes programs such as Live Education, Oak Meadow and Christopherus Homeschool Resources and Life Ways North America. Imagination plays a key role in learning. It utilizes Rudolf Steiner’s development of the ego body.  He is the founder of anthroposophy (“human wisdom”) and lived from 1861-1925 in Austria and focuses on early childhood, middle childhood, and adolescence. Academics are de-emphasized in the early years of schooling with no textbooks in grades 1-5 and no grades given in the elementary years. Currently, there are about 1,000 Wadorf schools in 60 countries (with 150 in North America). Creativity and free-thinking are encouraged. Dr. Steiner was a forerunner in the field of spiritual scientific investigation for the modern 20th century. He focused on four non-Christian festivals. Television and computer usage is discouraged. The same teachers stay with the children each year.

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