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Are You Letting the Three Major Motivators Used Against Society to Remove Your Liberty?

Early this morning (1:30 AM) I put out a video because I thought that the post I had prepared would be too lengthy for most to read. We live in a fast paced society where people want instant gratification and cannot get passed a headline. However, some have requested that I proceed with posting my words because they would like to have it in print form versus video. Below you will find my words. It is not a transcript to my video -- I went off script many times, but it has the important information.

This will be a long post, but for those seeking knowledge, reading it, shouldn’t be a problem.

Many in the medical liberty movement like to use the Untied Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights as a source to declare sovereignty over one’s body. This is INCORRECT and should NEVER be used as a source to back up our bodily autonomy.

I have for many years discussed why this is wrong, but I will go over it again. Let me begin with some background and education to set the stage…

The UN doesn’t hold any authority over us. We created government to serve our purpose and in doing so the States were formed. When we broke away from King George III’s ruling, the colonies became States — countries with their own form of government. Just like the state of Great Britain (as it was referred to at the time). We then realized that alone, we were vulnerable to attacks and would need to unite in order to fight against foreign attacks. We created the Articles of Confederation to unite the States and ward off foreign attackers. However, this form of government was still weak. So we dissolved the central government (federal) and went back to the drawing board. Our Founders then used proven principles dating back to 1014 to form the new central government. They used what worked and threw out what didn’t, creating a nearly perfect form of government. The result was the Constitution of these united States of America. The federal government was the product of the creation — intended to be a very limited one. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND.

We created the States.

The States created the Federal Government.

The Federal Government was made to be very limited.

NOWHERE in our true laws do foreign bodies hold any authority over us. To use the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights weakens our OWN sovereignty as CREATORS of government.

I will save you an even bigger history lesson on the evils behind the UN’s creation. Go down this rabbit hole yourself.

However, know this, it was created to WEAKEN our sovereignty and to set the stage for many evil agenda’s, yes Agenda 21 and now 30 are part of this. However, there is something that the enemy has been working on since the beginning of time. Saint John wrote about it in the Book of Revelations.

Everything being done to this nation. Everything that we are witnessing has been done so systematically. God has been removed from government and from society because the Bible brings knowledge. Every single document or resource that provides knowledge is mocked, demeaned and removed. This is also why our Founders have been demonized and why TRUE history isn’t taught.

Everything that you have ever learned is a lie. Abraham Lincoln was not a hero. The civil was was not about slavery, it was about paying our debt (caused by the Revolutionary War) to Great Britain (another rabbit hole). We were then incorporated and enslaved. Throughout the years, morality has been slowly and systematically lowered. When society engorges in sin, they are no longer vigilant of their liberty. Why guard liberty with jealousy when you have pornography disrupting your thoughts — and no pornography isn’t just raunchy sex on video or print. Porn can now be seen openly on most screens, but we’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s acceptable and what makes a show or movie great.

Why guard liberty when you're too busy with YouTube videos, IG, Facebook, Pinterest projects or Amazon shopping?

How do you guard liberty when you don’t even know it’s lost?

How do you stand up for liberty once you finally wake up from your sedation when you never learned how to?

Everything is systematic.

The enemy is patient. The attacks on family is on purpose. Drowning parents with work, so that they send their kids to get indoctrinated in schools and are too exhausted to really do anything else like obtain knowledge or be the true body of We, the People is part of the evil plan.

Making families believe that it takes two incomes to raise a family because without it they can’t have the important things in life, you know, material items that once leave the store are depreciated and when used no longer hold true value accept for the superficial purpose of impressing others.

I can give a hundreds of examples, but the bottom line is distractions are used to keep people enslaved.

Whats’ another great motivator of not holding onto liberty? FEAR. Fear and distractions have and will continue to be the TWO most used motivators.

Terrorism has been successfully used to strip us of most of our liberties, especially the inalienable right to freely travel.

Domestic terror (aka mass shootings) has been successful at making people believe that the right to self defense is evil.

Fear of illness is propagated to discriminate against healthy people and to keep society using a drug that makes the rich richer and the rest terribly ill — yes, I’m speaking of vaccines. If you believe that vaccines are life saving (safe and effective) congratulations, you have been successfully indoctrinated.

The sun has been used to scare society into accepting Global Warming as real science, even though environmental scientists have been wrong in their predictions since the inception of their field. Fear of not having proper communication has been used to roll our 5G — don’t know the health hazards then this is yet another rabbit hole for you to fall into.

Overpopulation has scared people into devastating atrocities like genocide and infanticide — yes ABORTIONS. It also has helped people accept franken-foods like GMO’s because it’s better to have chemically and genetically altered foods than to have the world starve.

These have all served a small purpose that has led to a bigger purpose… that I will discuss in a minute.

I want to get back to propaganda and how some evil people are sold to society as hero’s. I mentioned Abraham Lincoln earlier, but there are others like John D. Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and other elites that are sold to society as good people who just want to help. Watch out for attractive philanthropists, chances are that they are not who you think. Ahem, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk have even “woke” people blinded.

Now I want to mention fairly new agendas being used to distract or instill fear…identity theft (yes it's real), but it’s also a multi million dollar industry that feeds off of people’s fears. Remember what Eric Holder said “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

How many people have not voluntarily chipped their child’s toy or their beloved pet out of fear of losing them? Most never question how these chips can be used to harm them?

So, I mentioned that FEAR and DISTRACTIONS are used to keep us dumbed down and from uprising, but there’s also a third one. It’s CONVENIENCE. In today’s busy world filled with DISTRACTIONS and FEAR we want things to be easy and “safe.” We don’t want to leave the house because it’s easier to shop from a device OR we rather order our groceries for fear of catching the trending illness at the neighborhood supermarket. Convenience has allowed many to have spying devices in their home (Alexa, Smart Appliances, etc) and to voluntarily finger print themselves or scan their faces. Convenience has also made many download credit card information into their phones so that a quick scan can take the place of having to dig into a wallet for an already convenient card that took the place of paper or coins. Convenience has crept its way into our doctors’s offices and ER’s in the form of rapid check ins with handy handheld smart pads. Convenience has made traveling easier, just put an EZ pass that tracks your traveling, so that you can avoid toll booths, get a Real ID, so that you can skip airport security, and how handy that it’s also a drivers license.

Every single thing that makes your life easier comes at a cost. Convenience is the best trick ever created to hide the fact that you are losing privacy and liberty. You are doing so voluntarily and sometimes even paying to do so.

What has the Bible warned us about? The Mark of the Beast. What is this post about? The Mark of the Beast.

Let me introduce you to the latest venture that will combine all three major players: FEAR, DISTRACTIONS AND CONVENIENCE. It’s called ID2020.

ID2020 will sell society the UN’s bull on ethics and human rights. They will tell us that “ownership” over our identities is a fundamental right that the United Nation’s must protect. They will scare people into believing that if they don’t buy into this that their Digital Identity will be lost forever. That your data is out of your control. They will try and convince you that your newborns need to be protected from birth and that digital registration is a must. They will ram it down the throats of the Medical Industrial Complex and you will not only be using a handy dandy hand held check in device, but you will be registering your family with new digital birth certificates because your hospital now requires it, next your state will pass a bill that it’s mandatory and your children won’t be able to attend school without it. You won’t be able to apply for a job without it either. Vote? Nope, not without a digital ID. Social assistance like welfare will be withheld unless you get a Digital ID. Next your banks will adopt it because why not, everyone else is using it and your identity is important when dealing with money.

The propaganda won’t stop there, they will use FEAR to push this agenda further — “your children will be safe from kidnappings and from being sold into sex trafficking or in the black market with a Digital ID.” “I’m sorry but you cannot adopt this child or be a foster parent if we cannot ensure that this child will be safe. They need a Digital ID.”

“You may be thinking how will this be able to do all that, it’s just an ID that is digitized, right?”

It hasn’t hit you yet. You don’t understand. Well let me help, they want to CHIP society so that no one can “steal” your identity. CHIP. They want to mark you! They want to make it impossible to do nothing without this Marking. “Oh, but Yvette you are overthinking this. This isn’t the Mark of the Beast? Oh no? Do you want to know what the certification process for companies who want to make the chips is called? Certification Mark. They have a technical advisory committee that made up the requirements that vendors must meet in order to meet product development and participate in ID 2020.

Are you awake yet?

This will not be rolled out at chipping off the bat. They will roll it out in a very slow manner. They will make society dependent on it before the full wrath is employed. They will even make it voluntary at first, just like Real ID. We will be told it’s not big deal. The media will downplay the truth and truth tellers will be mocked and called names. All the normal script will play out.

See how they will push this agenda to all as a NEED? They have thought of every single group to target.

They have already started to experiment with the underprivileged or the vulnerable. It’s being pushed onto these people as help.

And here are some of the Board. Those in medical liberty movement or truth movements should find this interesting

  1. The rest of the Board Members and plenty of other information can be found on their website

  2. For those interested in learning more about the Civil War and the truth that has unfolded after that here are a few links:



  5. Here are some resources on John D. Rockefeller:

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