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Classical Education

Popular with many Christian and other families that prefer a liberal arts education for their children. This method includes lesson in Greek and Latin as well as formal instruction in logic. Besides Greek and Latin, grammar, logic, and biblical education are also important blocks in classical studies. Learning is chronological and history based. This method encourages debate and opinion. This method is best oriented toward high achievers and adapts well for those going to college.

Classical Homeschooling

Articles: Time4Learning answers the question:  What is Classical Homeschooling?  Time4Learning shares a Classical Homeschool curriculum and how Time4Learning works with the Classical Method of homeschooling.

Classical Conversations

Classical Catholic Homeschooling​

  • Angelicum Academy: PreK-12/founded 2000 (accredited, online options)

  • Aquinas Learning: PreK-12/founded 2009 (accredited)

  • Bellarmine Studies: Middle and High School (online options)

  • Catholic Schoolhouse: PreK-12 (Catholic version of Classical Conversations)

  • Kolbe Academy: PreK-12/founded 1980

  • Mother of Divine Grace: PreK-12 with 4,500 students/founded 1995 (accredited, special education services, online options)

  • Queen of Heaven Academy: 4-12/founded 2013 (accredited, online options)

  • Schola Rosa: PreK-12 (online options)

  • St. Thomas Aquinas Academy: Curriculum Provider for PreK-12/founded 1995

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