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The Need for COR 

The People have lost their way. We have an upside down hierarchy where  the servant government is no longer serving and somehow is now at the top  of the food change. People are lacking confidence because they don't have the necessary education and knowledge to know how to fix a very big problem.


The Committees of Safety are needed today more than ever. They will reach and activate a critical mass of People to take back their government. We will educate, support and empower the People within our local communities, so that we can restore ourselves to the top of the hierarchy as the creators and BOSSES of a servant government -- one with the sole purpose of securing our individual rights.

Committees of Restoration are today in order to:

  1. Secure representation for the People. 

  2. Offer Organization, Communication, Coordination and Education to the People. 

  3. Unite the People. 

  4.  Establish the Principles of Honor, Justice & Mercy.

  5. Present Resolutions.

  6. Demand local government’s obedience to the Constitution. 

  7. Assist the Sheriff and posse comitatus in times of trouble. 

  8. Bring forth the knowledge of the Chain of Command during a National Emergency.

  9. Ensure the safety of every man, woman and child when a National Disaster occurs.

  10. Provide aid and comfort, mercy and compassion to the city folks who will be fleeing nearby cities seeking safe harbor, food and water.                                                                           

  11. Keep families together, not relocated to FEMA camps where compassion will not be a priority.                                                                                                                                         

  12. Aid in the distribution of food and medical services, utilizing a barter system until such time as our representative government can return to normality with a constitutional monetary system, i.e. gold and silver. 

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