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Protecting Virginia's Children

Children Embracing in Circle

The thing that is called government, is not government. Why? Because it is not following any true principles or real law. Lawlessness has taken over. The pandemic is being used to strip Virginians of their unalienable rights, and the sad part is that most people have been conditioned to believe that it is something that they want.  


Virginians do not have true representation.  Those in public office are serving their own self-interest. They do not care about those who they are supposed to represent, including Virginia's children. 

Virginia's children are being used as political pawns. Their educations are on the back burner, although money is still being collected on their behalf. Perceived "government" believes that it's in charge of our children. Parents' voices no longer mattered and in fact, parents are being demonized. 

Schools are no longer educational institutions. They are agenda driven camps run by stakeholders (i.e., teacher's union and pharmaceutical companies). Because most parents want what is best for their children, it is easy for schools to be used to push agendas because these agendas are disguised in the best interest of the children. They are called health regulations, health standards, or inclusivity. 

Parents must be empowered to take their rightful authority back. This isn't always an easy thing to do because many times parents:

  • do not know what that means,

  • don't know where to begin

  • or are afraid of retaliation.


We understand and we are here to tell you that being informed is the first step in reclaiming your legitimate authority to parent and educate your child as you see fit.


You do not ever need to do anything that goes against your gut or against your morality. No one knows your child better than you do. No one loves your child more than you do

Children need to be safe. Children need to be fed, clothed and loved. Children need to have fun. Children need to learn. Children need to be children. Children DO NOT need to be political pawns. 

There is a huge push to politicize schools. There is already a huge divide in the world; there is no need to bring that divide into the lives of innocent children. No matter what a parent's personal or political view is, many would agree that schools are not the place to hash out adult topics and differences in.


Schools should be a safe bubble that sits outside of all the discourse. Subjects should be taught in a very objective and educational manner. Children can be taught to respect and love one another without being exploited with adult topics. 

It is no one's job to educate or rear a child, but the parent's. This entire notion of "it takes a village," is a clever lie sold to society to diminish the role of mother and father. To understand the full implications of this, we recommend that you explore this page: Educational Resources  

We also recommend that you view this featured article on our site:

One big push that will be seen is the push to mass vaccinate children for COVID-19. We are here to provide factual information to parents and to offer support because we know how important it is to inform every parent on the truth of this very dangerous "vaccine." 

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