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The Committees of Restoration Welcome Page

Liberty and Justice is resurrecting the Committees in an effort to restore local communities. However, we will not be an exact replica of past committees because we are facing unprecedented problems and technology.

With this in mind we have chosen the name Committees of Restoration.


WE ARE NOT ANTI-GOVERNMENT. We actually want to restore our rightful form of government. We are anti-LAWLESSNESS. Liberty and Justice (L&J) believes that government was established by the people and for the people. Our mission is to remove all criminals who have infiltrated OUR government and to restore ourselves as the rightful authority over our elected servants

The next steps:


1) Got to the main Committees of Restoration page and click on the History of the Committees tab and learn about how Committees were established and how they were used to help during times of governmental overreach. 

2) Click on the Need for COR tab and learn the necessity for resurrecting the Committees. 

3) If you are interested in restoring your local government we ask that you fill out the application on this page, so that a team member can contact you. 

4) Once you are ready to move forward, you must pay a sign on fee.


5)You will then be asked to sign our compliance and procedures agreement. This will include that you not share any sensitive information with non-committee members and that you never share ANYTHING on SOCIAL MEDIA. This is non-negotiable


6) Once this is done, you will have access to our orientation material and our personal help to get your Committee of Restoration established. 

7) You cannot get any of the forms, videos or team help unless you follow these steps. 

8) If you take any proprietary material without our knowledge, we will hold you accountable. 

9) If you alter any proprietary material and do not follow the plan EXACTLY as we have laid out, then we cannot help you if you get into trouble. 

Please understand that this remedy has taken many hours of research and there is a proper process that has to be done. If you veer off of it, you open yourself up to making matters worse and getting yourself into a lot of trouble within the legal jurisdiction in the de facto government. 

We will immediately revoke your membership if you cannot comply to our terms of agreement and follow the remedy exactly as we have set forward. 

COR Membership Application

Pay for Membership Sign Up Fee


Each Chapter must pay a $500 sign up fee or each individual must pay $30

Select an item ($)

Thank you for helping restore the republic!!!

Coming Soon

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